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Should plastic shopping bags be used for free or banned completely

speaking of energy conservation, we need to pay attention to the environmental protection of aiming at the standard line. We find that they are really changing around us. On Sunday, a series of national action activities on energy conservation and emission reduction jointly organized by 17 departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially kicked off the campaign of improving friction and consumption at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing on the morning of the 4th. Zeng Peiyan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, delivered an important speech at the launching ceremony

Diya Tiantian supermarket in Beijing charges 0.1 yuan for each plastic shopping bag. Since the establishment of this store regulation, they have to face the incomprehension of different customers every day. The road of environmental protection is difficult, but they still stick to it day by day, and the low emission is gradually accepted by customers. Since its entry into Beijing ten years ago, Wankelong warehouse supermarket has adhered to the policy of differential temperature charge when plastic shopping bags come into contact with plastic at the mold mouth. The big one is 9.9 yuan and the small one is 0.3 yuan. Now customers who go to Wankelong have taken this rule as a habit, either bring their own shopping bags or spend money on them

whether environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction are far from our life or near, they can be your energy-saving bulb or my plastic bag. Therefore, everyone is really responsible for the environment. The Olympics is coming, but we see that plastic bags have become a kind of white pollution. Governance must be questioned! Then charge for plastic bags or ban plastic bags completely? The ban will have an impact on everyone's habits, so can the charge completely solve the pollution problem

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