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Should small and medium-sized coating enterprises change their thinking

should small and medium-sized coating enterprises change their thinking

December 26, 2007

[China paint information] in recent years, 2007 has been a worse year for China's small paint enterprises: raw materials are rising, business pressure is increasing, and market share is gradually shrinking. Up to now, the paint industry has formed a situation that the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker. Data show that in China's coating industry, small enterprises account for more than 80% of the total number of enterprises, but only have a market share of about 20%. In some developed countries, the number of small paint enterprises is also very large, but they are very moist

why? The main reasons are the following two points:

first, in China, most small coating enterprises have a long product line, as long as they are coating products, they will try to produce them. However, due to the small scale and the limited strength of high-speed computer sampling, nothing can be refined. Different from the situation in China, foreign small coating enterprises do not pursue small and complete product scale, but specialize in the production of intermediate products in each process from raw materials to final products, which not only forms their own unique characteristics, but also avoids homogeneous competition. This is very different from the assured understanding of the closed production mode of most coating enterprises in China

second, in China, the combination of the two reflects the friction and wear process of the dual film pair from a variety of angles. The GUI human-computer interaction graphical system has significantly improved the automation and human-computer interaction of the experimental machine. A considerable number of small coating enterprises compete with large enterprises for raw materials, transportation and marketing, and the two sides are in an opposite state of competition. What's more, some small enterprises have also played a marginal role in the product name. They are called "Dabao paint" by others and "Taibao paint" by others, which has had a negative impact on the industry. In developed countries, small paint enterprises are usually dependent on large enterprises. They provide various professional services for large paint enterprises, and rely on the support and help of large paint factories in the production, supply and marketing links of technology, materials, sales, etc. The two sides form a relationship of interdependence and peaceful coexistence

at present, with the continuous warming of the construction industry, coating enterprises have obtained a rare opportunity. However, due to too many brands in the industry and serious homogenization, enterprises are also about to face a reshuffle. Compared with large enterprises, small paint enterprises have inherent deficiencies in technology, capital, scale and so on. Therefore, in order to survive and even win, it is impossible to solve the problem only by disorderly competition. From this point of view, China's small paint enterprises should also change their thinking and learn from abroad

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