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Sany housing industrialization project settled in Loudi, Hunan on the morning of July 22, Sany Group officially signed a contract with Loudi City on the housing industrialization cooperation project. Sany group plans to invest a total of 1.38 billion yuan to set up "Hunan Sany Construction Co., Ltd. in Loudi economic and Technological Development Zone", mainly engaged in the research and development of building industrialization, the production and sales of prefabricated components, the general contracting of construction, the development and operation management of construction projects, etc. Li Jianguo, Secretary of Loudi municipal Party committee, Yang Yiwen, deputy secretary of Loudi municipal Party committee and mayor, and Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group attended the signing ceremony

in recent years, Loudi has continuously optimized the industrial structure and promoted new industries. The construction legislatures of many countries have formulated a series of fire-retardant laws and regulations, which has become an important base for the construction of housing industrialization in Hunan, and has built a housing industrialization base with 500000 square meters of standard workshops. Sany group is one of the domestic enterprises that can provide overall solutions for PC complete sets of equipment. The first phase construction of the contracted project factory is planned to start in August this year, and the equipment installation and commissioning will be completed before the end of the year. After the completion of phase I, the production capacity will reach the industrialized construction area of no less than 500000 square meters, and the construction capacity will be about 1.1 billion yuan

Li Jianguo, Secretary of the Loudi municipal Party committee, requested that after the project was implemented, all relevant departments at all levels in the city would give their wholehearted support to ensure the smooth load detection and implementation of the project with the best service, the highest efficiency and the best environment. He hopes to create a new "Sany" through the joint efforts of Sany and Loudi government departments at all levels, that is, to provide a first-class government environment, create a first-class construction speed, and create first-class comprehensive benefits

Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, said that over the years, Sany group has established a deep friendship with Loudi, and the development of Sany cannot be separated from the support of leaders at all levels in Loudi. The housing industrialization project signed today is to develop new industrialization in the construction industry, change the traditional construction industry with new materials, new technologies, new equipment and new ideas such as "interconnection +". It is not easy to further improve the labor productivity of housing, improve the overall quality of housing, reduce costs, material consumption and energy consumption, and the market potential is very large. Sany group hopes to carry out in-depth cooperation with Loudi and related enterprises and make contributions to Loudi's economic construction

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