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Sany "Hulk" delivered to international customers on the morning of October 25th, 2016, the delivery ceremony of Sany 600 ton all terrain crane sac6000 was grandly held in Ningxiang Industrial Park. Sunxinliang, general manager of Sany Heavy Lift business department, handed over the new car key to the Qatari customer. This is the first time that Sany 600 ton large tonnage crane has been exported. The new green coating enables the fixture on the experimental machine to be immediately aligned into an informer

at the scene of the delivery ceremony, Hammad, general manager of Qatar Alanis company, said that he was very honored to cooperate with Sany. He believed that this car would make an important contribution to local construction

the sac6000 delivered has a full arm length of 90 meters. According to the customer's requirements, the whole vehicle has used all green advanced environmental protection paint for the first time, with a beautiful appearance. Not only that, the equipment is also equipped with a powerful 8-axle all ground chassis, using a large number of innovative technologies, which has many advantages, such as "strong power, low fuel consumption, good operability, high pass rate"

this product 1. The utility of friction and wear testing machine has been innovated and developed, especially for the construction conditions of mountain wind farms. It can not only provide the best fan installation angle and amplitude for wind power hoisting conditions, but also adopts the new drive technology of "eight bridge free switching", which is competent for all kinds of mountain road conditions and can fully meet the different hoisting needs of the Middle East. The excellent overall performance of sac6000 has been recognized by customers in the Middle East

since this year, Sany Heavy Lift has achieved the sales of nearly 200 cranes of various types in the Middle East region. The products are exported to the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and other Middle East countries, where the bonding strength between the binder and the coating is greater than that between the coating and the substrate. The sales models are mainly small and medium-sized cranes such as stc2503005007501000c. Sun Xinliang said that the successful delivery of sac6000, the first 600 ton all terrain crane exported overseas by SANY, marks the smooth opening of Sany's large tonnage products to the international market

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