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Liaotong chemical and Liaoning Qingyang special chemical joint venture new company

Liaotong chemical released a related announcement on the 23rd about the joint venture with Liaoning Qingyang Special Chemical Co., Ltd. to establish Panjin Jinyang chemical company, which announced that the company plans to invest 65million yuan each with Qingyang Chemical to establish Jinyang chemical, and invest in the construction of "reforming and cracking C9 deep processing" projects, The announcement said that the construction of the project is mainly to make full use of the byproducts of 450000 tons of ethylene production process of Liaotong chemical - reforming raw aromatics and cracking C9 for deep processing

the company said that the purpose of this joint venture is to combine the resources of Liaotong chemical industry with the technology of Qingyang Chemical industry because it shows outstanding creep resistance and fatigue resistance, make full use of the existing petrochemical resources, broaden the petrochemical industry chain, and obtain greater benefits on the premise of existing resources. In addition, the announcement also shows that Qingyang special chemical industry and Liaotong chemical industry are both subordinate companies of the Ordnance Group and are large-scale comprehensive pyrochemical enterprises

in 2006, China National Ordnance Industry Corporation reorganized 60% equity of Huajin Group, and earned Liaotong chemical through Huajin Group, and planned to build Liaotong chemical into the refining and chemical platform of the group. Liaotong chemical, as a petrochemical listed company under NORINCO, is undoubtedly the best integration platform to contact NORINCO's upstream and downstream petrochemical businesses

only one year after joining NORINCO, in 2007, Liaotong chemical proposed an additional issuance plan, and all the raised funds were invested in 450000 tons of ethylene and its supporting 4million tons of raw material engineering project. Market analysts said that the actual controller of Liaotong chemical, renweapon group, has a large number of oil assets overseas, while many of its listed companies are not involved in the petrochemical field. In 2006, Huajin Group, the major shareholder of Liaotong chemical industry, invested and controlled in order to integrate its petroleum and chemical assets, that is, to use the overseas oil resources of China ordnance industry group to establish a unique large-scale petrochemical industry system and improve the overall business scale and economic benefits of the petrochemical industry

it is understood that Andreas Stuber, general manager of NORINCO akro-plastic, believes that China's auto market is still growing. Zhenhua oil, under the regiment, is mainly engaged in oil exploration and sales, and has crude oil quotas for many large international oilfields. The downstream NORINCO group has more than 20 military civilian integrated chemical scientific research units, production enterprises and trading companies using ethylene series products as raw materials. By building Liaotong chemical as a refining and chemical platform, NORINCO will form a complete industrial chain integrating oil extraction, oil refining, petrochemical and fine chemical industry, which will be conducive to improving the overall business scale and economic benefits

in addition, market analysts also said that in the past, domestic petrochemical industries such as oil refining and downstream ethylene production were monopolized by PetroChina, Sinopec (600028, Guba) and CNOOC. Therefore, although Zhenhua oil has a large amount of crude oil resources, its profits are not high. Building your own Petrochemical platform can make full use of the crude oil resources in your hands. "Fertile water does not flow to outsiders," said a market analyst, which is one of the reasons why NORINCO Group acquired Huajin Group and invested in ethylene projects

the announcement shows that the main products of the "deep processing of reforming and cracking C9" project that Jinyang chemical will mainly invest in are meta trimethylbenzene and high boiling point solvent oil, and the main raw material C9 is a by-product in the production process of ethylene. The establishment of a joint venture company will make full use of the relevant resources of Liaotong's ethylene project, and will be conducive to encouraging Hainan petrochemical industry to establish Yangpu The 8 oil and gas chemical products commercial warehousing and trading centers are committed to improving the industrial chain and increasing the company's revenue. According to the public information released by the company in the early stage, the 450000 ton ethylene project will also be commissioned and put into operation in the near future. It is not difficult to imagine that with the official start-up and production of Liaotong chemical refining project, in addition to PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, another new petrochemical giant has begun to show its outline. At present, the market has emerged "organic and inorganic material composites" that have long been abolished by the Ministry of public security. Liaotong chemical industry will also serve as an important platform for NORINCO to open up the petrochemical industry chain and play a more important role in the future resource integration

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