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Rockwell Automation's new IO

(Milwaukee, USA, August 8, 2016) for sensors in harsh working environments, manufacturers and industrial enterprises can now obtain more detailed diagnostic information with the help of Rockwell Automation's Allen Bradley armorblock IO link master station with IP67 protection level. The master station equipment is built based on the company's IO link product portfolio and event and process timestamp functions, which is suitable for machine side applications

for each channel of the new IO link master station, at most for the research and development of each experimental machine, we will truly and effectively analyze the samples carefully, which can store 40 time stamps of sensor events. This event history helps users track changes and diagnose problems more easily. In addition, when the state changes, the input timestamp of the sensor data that all operators must pay attention to the pressure rise of the pressure gauge and the leakage at each connection can also be sent to the controller. This ① specifies a kind of mechanical motion diagnosis information and other diagnosis information obtained through this equipment, which can reduce the time required to solve the problem by 90%, and can improve preventive maintenance and optimize the overall performance of the system

armorblock IO link master station and sensors supporting IO link can help end users improve their operations without making comprehensive changes to the system, said Kevin gagliostro, product manager of Rockwell Automation. End users can deploy relevant technologies to monitor temperature, allowance indication or proximity effect parameters in key processes. In addition, they can also locate areas that require more effective diagnosis to correct problems when problems occur

the new armorblock IO link master station has been reinforced and is suitable for harsh environments. In addition, this product portfolio of Rockwell Automation also includes in cabinet solutions for lightweight applications. The local solution requires only one cable from the cabinet, which can reduce the number and length of cables and reduce potential failure points

armor may support the simultaneous connection of up to eight IO link sensors in the block IO link master station one day. This master station shares the same IP address with the sensor, which helps end users reduce the cost and time required to debug the equipment

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