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Clariant catofin is adopted in China's new isobutane project ® Technology and its catalyst

CB & I and Clariant won the contract for isobutyl 5. The display did not show the contract for a new alkane dehydrogenation unit

the combination of process technology and catalyst promoted higher returns

in recent five years, 20 projects have adopted trustworthy catofin ® Technology

mundenz, Switzerland, May 12, 2014 - Clariant, the world's leading specialty chemical manufacturer, announced that the new isobutane dehydrogenation device entrusted by Shandong Chengtai chemical industry additive manufacturing and industrial robot center entering the establishment stage ry Co., Ltd. will adopt Clariant catofin ® catalyzer. CBI won the patent technology license and engineering design contract for the new device to be built in Changyi City, Shandong Province

the unit will use the catofin dehydrogenation process provided by CBI and the catofin catalyst specially made by Clariant to process isobutane materials and produce 114000 metric tons of isobutene per year

"in the past five years, 20 projects have adopted catofin technology." Daniel McCarthy, President of CB & I's technology operation Department, said that the winning of this project demonstrated the success of catof's in technology and its catalyst, taking Regel's experimental machine as an example. This technology and its catalyst enable our customers to process multi-component raw materials under the best conditions to obtain the highest revenue. "

"catofin technology is reliable and effective. Since October 2013, the first commercial propane dehydrogenation unit in China that has been operating successfully is based on catofin technology." Stefan Heuser, senior vice president and director of catalyst business unit of Clariant, stressed

isobutylene is the cornerstone for Shengcai to choose to buy horizontal to meet the demand for methyl tert butyl ether and other downstream products

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