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New knowledge, new experience, new attractions, new topics! 2021 Shandong temporary good driver activity was launched in Chongqing.

new knowledge, new experience, new attractions, new topics! 2021 Shandong linggong good driver activity was launched in Chongqing.

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endless care and low-carbon welcome to the future. From June 20 to 21, 2021 Shandong Lingong good driver activity was officially launched in Chongqing, adding another fire to this hot summer. Don't forget your original intention, innovate and upgrade. On the basis of free training and helping operators grow, this activity once again holds high the banner of carbon emission reduction, improves practitioners' awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, focuses on building a "common wealth creation base", introduces short video creation, red participation and other popular methods, and brings new knowledge, new experience, new attractions and new topics to this large-scale public welfare activity in the construction machinery industry

caring for the survival state and growth needs of construction machinery operators is the initial intention of good drivers. Since its launch in 2013, based on skill training and industry exchanges, it has helped front-line practitioners improve their abilities, expand their contacts, learn experience, and realize their career ideals and entrepreneurial dreams. In recent years, the industry environment and living conditions have changed dramatically, a large number of young people have poured into the industry, and the number of operators has exploded. It is urgent to receive formal training in operating skills, professional knowledge, stress resistance, communication awareness and so on. In the face of new situations and new topics, as a mature learning and communication platform, the significance of good driver activities is more important

Wu peiguo, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

Wu peiguo, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, spoke highly of the good driver activity: China has made a commitment to the world to "reach peak carbon and neutralize carbon", which has also given more energy conservation, emission reduction and green development to the construction machinery industry. In this context, good drivers regard low-carbon emission reduction as the core of public welfare communication, which highlights the fine tradition of Shandong Lingong's attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. At the starting point of meeting the post epidemic era, the official launch of the good driver activity in 2021 will surely stimulate more construction machinery practitioners and output more positive energy to the society, which is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of the industry

Shi Shengyong, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong and general manager of marketing company

Shi Shengyong, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong and general manager of marketing company, said that this good driver activity will continue to improve the skills and quality of operators and enhance their competitiveness through professional training and vocational skill appraisal. In terms of public welfare communication, we will carry the banner of low-carbon emission reduction, popularize the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and the awareness of low-carbon life, promote new energy, electrification technology and energy conservation and emission reduction products, and guide students to improve their skills to achieve fuel conservation and emission reduction; In terms of helping growth, we should take joint wealth creation as the key direction, invite competent, willing and qualified leaders to come forward, share the experience of wealth creation, and establish a "good driver joint wealth creation base" to provide employment opportunities and entrepreneurial support for students

over the years, Lingong has always taken promoting green manufacturing as the key research direction, accelerated the research and development of energy-saving and motorized products, and successively launched three generations of energy-saving loaders, natural gas loaders, and electric excavators using advanced lithium battery technology, leading the upgrading of energy-saving technology in the construction machinery industry. At present, the above-mentioned products have been fully listed and have received intentional orders from many enterprises. In this good driver activity, Shandong Lingong once again cooperated with WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) to join the "enterprise climate action community" and make greater contributions to the realization of "carbon neutrality"

Shandong Lingong Electric Loader l956h-ev

at the launch ceremony, a grand handover ceremony was held for the first Lingong pure electric loader in Chongqing to be put into use. Tanhuaijie, general manager of Chongqing Linwo Baichuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that Shandong Lingong has been rooted in Chongqing for a long time, and has accumulated a large number of loyal customers over the years. The sales of loaders are at the forefront of the industry, and the sales of excavators are firmly in the top three. Its market position is unshakable. The delivery of the first electric loader reflects the southwest customers' recognition of temporary energy-saving products. It is hoped that with the promotion of the good driver activity, the majority of practitioners will change their ideas as soon as possible, enhance their low-carbon awareness, choose energy-saving and emission reduction products, and turn challenges into opportunities

tanhuaijie, general manager of Chongqing Linwo Baichuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

delivery of Chongqing's first temporary Pure Electric Loader

unlike previous years, Chongqing station has added new elements and links such as "low-carbon energy-saving training", "short video creation and advanced training", "good driver short video competition". It is the first time for the majority of students to participate in such training, and systematically learn the knowledge of low-carbon energy conservation and short video creation for the first time, helping them open up new skills. In recent years, the number of plastic machines imported into China has also been rapidly promoted. The famous "old Luo of excavator teaching" and "Fei Fei of excavator" with millions of fans also came to the scene to shoot short videos with the students to show the warm scene of everyone's learning and communication, and express their understanding of the public welfare concept of good drivers

student representative Chen Mingzhong is from Yunyang County in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. He said that in recent years, there have been more and more temporary work products on the construction site, and he has received more and more praise for temporary work. Through contact, he found that temporary work is trustworthy and reliable, so he has purchased temporary work products many times and become a fan of temporary work. I have heard about the activity of good drivers for a long time. I found on the scene that it is not only the examination and certificate processing, but also learning all kinds of new knowledge, helping hope primary school and sick peers, encouraging students to carry out short video socializing, emphasizing learning experience from old drivers, and the recent team achievements have been selected in the large-scale literature special series of scientific and technological innovation leading beyond development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, such as being a person in middle school. It is rich in content, full of dry goods, and I feel that the harvest is far beyond expectations, It was a worthwhile trip

student representative Chen Mingzhong

Chongqing is the core fulcrum of temporary workers in the southwest market. Chongqing People's warm, forthright and willing to share personality is very consistent with the temperament of good drivers. Temporary workers take this event as an opportunity to increase support for the Chongqing market, encourage everyone to seize the opportunity and accelerate development, and there can be no less on the road of common wealth creation. Finally, through the double selection of skills and deeds, a total of 10 students successfully promoted to the advanced training camp and received the invitation letter to the temporary headquarters

the award ceremony

Chongqing railway station marks the full opening of the ninth good driver activity. Next, it will be launched in Urumqi, Suzhou and Guangzhou, bringing new knowledge and experience to local construction machinery practitioners, improving competitiveness from skills, experience, social networking, operation and other dimensions, encouraging them to seize opportunities, stimulate potential, and work together to create wealth. Students who have passed the skill assessment, common wealth creation and short video competition will be invited to the temporary headquarters in late October to participate in the advanced driver training camp and annual selection, compete with experts, and become the brightest star in the sky of the construction machinery industry

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