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New LCO plastic raw materials seize the market of high-performance materials

in recent years, new plastic raw materials are developing rapidly and constantly improving. Some high-performance materials have also been popularized, which has brought great convenience to people's life and production. Some high-performance materials used in aerospace manufacturing began to appear in people's daily life. Because these materials have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, the general materials involved in people's life are also gradually developing to high-performance materials. For example, LCP plastic raw material is a new type of green high-performance material

lcp plastic raw material is a new high-performance engineering plastic developed in the early 1980s. Its full name is liquidcrystalpolymer, and its Chinese name is liquid crystal polymer. It is a new type of polymer material, which is generally liquid crystalline in the molten state. This kind of material has excellent heat resistance and molding processing properties

the polymerization method of LCP plastic raw materials is mainly melt polycondensation, and all aromatic LCP is mostly supplemented by solid-phase polycondensation to produce high molecular weight products. Non aromatic LCP plastics must ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in a normal working state. One or two-step melt polymerization is often used to produce products. In recent years, the technology of continuous melt polycondensation to produce high molecular weight LCP has developed rapidly

its performance is excellent. LCP plastic raw materials have the following advantages:

first, LCP has good weather resistance and radiation resistance, has excellent flame retardancy, and can extinguish the flame without continuing to burn. Its combustion level reaches UL94V-0 level. LCP plastic raw material is one of the special plastics with the best fire safety

II. Strong liquidity. Generally, thermotropic liquid crystal polymers have good fluidity and are easy to process. Its molded products have the unique skin core structure of liquid crystal polymers. The resin itself has fiber properties and has a high degree of orientation in the molten state, so it can play the effect of fiber reinforcement. This is also the most striking feature of liquid crystal polymers

III. heat resistance. The main chains of liquid crystal polymer molecules are rigid, the molecules are stacked closely, and they are highly oriented during the molding process, so they have small linear expansion coefficient, low molding shrinkage, very prominent strength and elastic modulus, and excellent heat resistance. They have high load deformation temperature, some of which can be as high as 340 ℃

IV. high mechanical strength. The density of LCP plastic raw material is 1.4~1.7g/cm3. The advantage of liquid crystal polymer is that the print has very high hardness and excellent polished surface performance; The latter has the advantages of high printing accuracy, moderate elongation, high strength and high modulus mechanical properties, and self reinforcement due to its structural characteristics. Therefore, unreinforced liquid crystal plastics can reach or even exceed tens of percent of ordinary engineering plastics

v. LCP plastic raw materials have excellent electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric strength is higher than that of general engineering plastics, and its arc resistance is good. As an electrical appliance application part, its electrical performance will not be affected when the continuous service temperature is 200~300 ℃. The intermittent service temperature can reach about 316 ℃

VI. LCP plastic raw materials have outstanding corrosion resistance. LCP products will not be eroded in the presence of 90% acid and 50% alkali. For industrial solvents, fuel oils, detergents and hot water, they will not be dissolved or cause stress cracking after contact

VII. Thermotropic liquid crystal polymers can also be made into polymer blends with a variety of plastics. In these blends, liquid crystal polymers play the role of glass fiber reinforcement, which can greatly improve the strength, rigidity and heat resistance of material 50 (n1=n2=50). Liquid crystal polymers also have excellent thermal stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. For most plastics, the creep defects of liquid crystal materials can be ignored, and the wear resistance and wear reduction are excellent

due to its excellent performance, LCP plastic raw materials are widely used in electronic, electrical, optical fiber, automotive, aerospace and other fields. LCP plastic raw materials can also be used in medical treatment, microwave oven containers, switches, sockets, pump parts, valve parts, etc. It is understood that its tensile strength and bending modulus can exceed all kinds of thermoplastic engineering plastics developed in the past 10 years

Dongguan is the gathering place of the plastic industry, including many small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. It introduces a large number of foreign advanced and excellent raw materials, and has the ability of independent innovation. For example, Dongguan Xingyang Plastic Co., Ltd. has been acting as an agent to sell advantageous plastic raw materials for famous petrochemical electric drives at home and abroad since its establishment in 2001. Its partners include ge of the United States, DuPont of the United States, Dow of the United States, DSM of the Netherlands, bsaf of Germany, Qimei of Taiwan, etc., to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost genuine plastic raw materials. A large number of LCP plastic raw materials, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) raw materials, PA nylon plastic raw materials, COC plastic raw materials, bakelite powder and other products

in addition, in recent years, Dongguan Xingyang plastic company has kept up with the advanced team of e-commerce, extended to the Internet sales mode based on the traditional sales mode, and built a convenient platform for plastic raw material trading to serve domestic and foreign customers. And has officially settled in global plasticization. The platform is the first e-commerce platform focusing on the plasticization field in China, mainly providing it with the display of enterprise products, as well as a large number of industry opportunities, content information and professional technical knowledge. Dongguan LCP plastic raw materials have not only regional advantages, but also a new business model. With an eye to the future, it has become a powerful enterprise in Dongguan plastic industry through continuous innovation and development

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