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Is a new Iranian agreement imminent? Macron's words triggered a wave of crude oil selling

is a new Iran agreement imminent? Macron's words triggered a wave of crude oil selling

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crude oil has soared in recent weeks, boosted by geopolitical tensions, including Trump's sanctions on Russia, but mainly due to concerns that the U.S. president will terminate Iran's nuclear agreement in two and a half weeks and eliminate Iran's output of about 1million barrels per day. Therefore, if there is any sign that the Iran nuclear sanctions agreement will continue, the crude oil price is bound to plummet, and the remarks of French President macron on Tuesday (April 24) triggered a wave of selling in the oil market

Earlier in the day, at a press conference with trump, French President macron proposed a new Iran agreement. He pointed out that a "new agreement" would prevent Iran from carrying out nuclear activities in 2025

the following is a detailed analysis of macron's "plan B" of nuclear sanctions against Iran. The workshop of the first high-level new material entrepreneurship platform in China, "Jinmin we work" (hereinafter referred to as "Jinmin") is brightly lit.

"I have always said that there is a comprehensive joint action plan (jcpoa, the Iran nuclear agreement), but we need to add three pillars after 2025. I don't know what President trump will decide on the comprehensive agreement, which is his," macron said when asked about the Iran agreement

"I'm not saying that we are moving from one agreement to another. I say this is an aspect of the problem," macron said. He added, "I have never criticized the Iran nuclear agreement because I think we can effectively increase it."

macron once again urged to increase restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program and limit Iran's influence in the region in order to reach a potential new agreement

"this is about respecting the sovereignty of countries in the region," macron added. "This is not to tear up the agreement, but to build something new to address all our concerns."

in the U.S. market on Tuesday, reflected by the knee jerk, oil prices fell by more than $1, below the $69/barrel level for the first time since 2014, and once fell below the $68/barrel level to $67.563/barrel. In this process, the inflation breakeven and the broader market were impacted, because the situation of adjustable reporting suddenly seemed uncertain

(US oil trend, source: zerohedge, fx168 Finance)

(US oil 30 minute trend chart, source: fx168 Finance)

having said that, trump did his best Force measurement method: load sensor for force measurement; It can assure Saudi Arabia, its best weapons procurement partner, that the prospect of reaching a new agreement with Iran is uncertain. Trump said that if Iran threatened the United States, they would pay an unprecedented price

trump said, "no one knows what decision I will make on the Iran agreement on May 12."

zerohedge, a financial blog, pointed out that, as trump said, we may really wait until May 12 to know what decision the president will make, although judging from today's crude oil trend, trump will no longer make it clear that he will strangle the Iran agreement

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