The hottest new invention of solar glass in Taiwan

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According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan University of science and technology recently announced the development of a solar glass material that can save 74% of energy in air conditioners. This kind of solar energy-saving glass combines the functions of power generation, high light transmittance, radiation resistance, heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter. The surface is more transparent to nano treatment, and does not accumulate dirt. The determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal insulation materials. The protective hot plate method GB 10294 (8) iso8302:1991 therefore, the temperature drops very slowly to ensure the normal operation of solar power generation. The specific technical principle and effect is the technology of passing through the high-efficiency reflective film. The smaller the heat conduction condition is, the harder it will be to reduce the shear and dispersion coefficient from 1.6 to 0.8. In fact, the radiant heat penetration coefficient will drop from 0.14 to 0.08. Solar energy blocks the solar radiant heat energy from entering the room, and the heat insulation effect will be doubled. Power generation also increased from 70w/m2 to 110w/m2

due to its high heat insulation effect, the test of solid houses has saved an average of 74% of the cooling power consumption, and 30% of the greenhouse power consumption in winter

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