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Xinhu Futures: LLDPE rebounded continuously or came to an end to make up for it.

China Plastics price index rose 4.65 points to 1245.36 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 0.07 points to 1267.31 points

upstream newsletter:

the November contract of NYMEX crude oil futures rose $6.62, or 6.44%, to $109.37 a barrel

Asia B third-party product certification is one of the important 1-cycloene products. The latest closing was stable, CFR Northeast Asia reported US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia reported US dollars/ton

the US dollar fell sharply across the board, hitting a several week low against the euro and sterling, as the US government's US $700billion rescue plan to alleviate the global credit crisis rekindled concerns about the country's huge fiscal deficit

Petrochemical trends:

Petrochemical Beijing linear pricing sales, while today linear only sells goods in non local warehouses. PetroChina limited radiochemical

market situation:

Shantou LLDPE market quotation is scarce and chaotic, and most merchants close their offers without quotation; Qilu Chemical LLDPE market is deadlocked

business mentality:

international crude oil recorded the largest increase in a single day. Stimulated by this positive, traders' mentality improved, cautiously raised their quotations, and the price increase was obvious, but the transaction volume has not yet been increased, and market participants' wait-and-see mentality has increased

disk situation:

the LLDPE of the big business exchange opened today at a rising board price of 12470 yuan/ton. The closing time was not long, but it did not fall sharply after the opening, but it was slightly lower by about 100 points and held steady. However, in the late trading, it encountered profit taking in closing positions, falling as low as 12150 yuan/ton and closing at 12165 yuan/ton. The trading volume increased from the previous day to 71524 hands, and the empty volume decreased by 1444 hands to 20222 hands. Technically, the 20 day moving average has a suppressive effect on the period at present, and it has been rising for two consecutive days, but it has not been matched by the trading volume. Therefore, in the next step, it is more likely to slow down or cover the gap of high jump

in depth analysis:

the subprime mortgage storm is increasingly "unpredictable", forcing China to reassess the degree of risk in the global financial market and worry about the direction of the real economy. China's insulation layer should have a reliable bond with the grass-roots level. The leadership has expressed its position on financial market risks for many times recently and said yesterday that it hopes that the important measures taken by the U.S. government to stabilize the domestic financial market can achieve rapid results, which is in the interests of both the United States and China

however, the progress of things is not satisfactory. Although the U.S. government has thrown out the largest rescue plan since the great depression, using a total of $700billion to buy "illiquid" mortgage securities, raising the legal ceiling of treasury bonds to $11.3 trillion, and actively promoting the participation of other countries, the U.S. government has realized that to solve the global financial crisis, it is far from enough for the United States to act alone, But at present, only some countries have sent a signal of resistance, and no country has made a commitment. The German finance minister said that other members of the G7 refused to participate in the US financial rescue plan

in other words, due to the non response of some European countries such as Japan and the results to be reported, the rescue plan did not make continuous progress. The Dow Jones, standard & Poor's and Nasdaq indexes fell together again yesterday, and the domestic Shanghai Stock Exchange Index also showed a slight decline today. The shadow of the credit crisis on Wall Street still hangs over the global economy. Once commodity futures lack obvious benefits, they will immediately resume their decline

on the trend of LLDPE, the author still holds the view of last week: this week's rise is regarded as a policy and technical rebound. Because there is no substantial improvement in demand, although there are rumors in the market that Sinopec Beijing will raise prices, due to the relatively large increase for two consecutive days, traders are secretly shipping at high prices, and the futures plate is also dominated by high position reduction in 2012. Moreover, the rebound period price is only a hundred points away from the preliminary expectation. It is suggested not to blindly catch up with the high price and enter the market more than once. Watch the next steps taken by the United States and central banks, and pay attention to whether there is a new "golden bag" for petrochemicals. If there is no stimulus from the above two points, the futures price will be adjusted downward to cover the gap

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